At Least One Death Reported after Twisters Strike in Central US

A huge storm front pushed its way northward through the mid-section of the country on Sunday, slamming the region with baseball size hail, heavy downpourings of rain and tornadoes. A massive tornado that was approximately a half-mile wide struck near Oklahoma City, killing at least one adult resident of a local mobile home park. By 10 pm CST, more than twenty-four twisters were confirmed in Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas and Illinois.

Forecasters have been warning people living in the central portion of the country for days that a powerful storm system was going to bear down on the region, spawning potentially deadly tornadoes. Sunday ended up being a very busy day for the National Weather Service that issued one warning after another throughout the afternoon and into the evening. The first twister of the day struck near Wichita just before 4pm local time and then the warnings started being issued quickly as one twister after another was being reported in areas all across the central region of the US which covers a total of fourteen states.

The National Weather Service is warning people living in the Midwest that the unstable storm system is heading their way as the large low pressure system with the dangerous weather is traveling in a northeastern direction. Those living in the Midwest will face a wet, windy day to start the new work week off and could even face damaging winds, large hail and the possibility of tornadoes.

The twisters that touched down Sunday in Oklahoma turned homes into splinters and sent scared residents along a 100 mile corridor running for cover. In the central portion of Oklahoma, at least five twisters touched down including one that turned a mobile home park in Shawnee into a wasteland. In all, about two dozens people in Oklahoma received injuries from the tornadoes that slammed their state Sunday.

In Iowa, there were at least two tornadoes that touched down, one about 20 miles north of Des Moines in Huxley and one northeast of Des Moines in Grundy County. There were no immediate reports of major damages or injuries. There were dozens of counties in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Wisconsin under tornado watches and warnings Sunday.

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