24 Hour Disaster Cleanup Services – Work with a premier local Royal-Oak contractor to cleanup and restore your property following a fire catastrophe. We have experience with commercial and residential property damages. Our certified techs can remove your personal items, board up your doors and windows, clean soot and smoke damage and begin rebuilding your structure to pre-loss condition. We are an approved vendor for almost every major insurance carrier, saving you time and money.

Fire, Smoke, Soot Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services Royal-Oak Michigan

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Professional Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Services Homes that have had a fire are also at risk for structural damage and belongings need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Residue left behind after a fire can cause respiratory problems and the smell left behind from the fire can be impossible to eliminate. Disaster restoration professionals have the knowledge and the proper equipment to restore your home. The technicians will be able to remove soot from the carpets, metals stone or cloth materials, before mold or mildew sets in and puts everyone at risk for injuries or illnesses. Restoration pros will clean and deodorize furniture, walls, ceilings, and rugs as well as restore any structural damage. residential and commercial fire repairs by the pros in Royal-Oak

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Sometimes the fire is not the major damage done to a home after the firefighters have left. The water damage caused by putting out the fire can be the major clean up problem and best left up to the professionals. The high pressure used through the water hose from the fire department can cause water to be imbedded into carpeting, basements, drywall, hardwood floors and down into the crawl space of a home. It only takes 24 hours for mold and mildew to grow and create terrible odors. Fire and water damage experts need to be called into the home when there is extensive water damage that needs to be cleaned up.

Royal-Oak Michigan Fire Damage Repairs, Soot and Smoke Removal Services

Many different issues need to be handled after a home fire. The water extraction is the immediate clean up problem but the damage that the water can do is also very concerning. Water damage may also create warping and swelling of the floors, sewage leaks, fungus, mildew, mold and dry rot. Expert restoration pros can lessen the damage done by fire and water and restore the property.

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Not only is the water removed but the whole area is dehumidified, disinfected, decontaminated and restored to new. Drywalls can be rebuilt and damage to walls, ceilings and floors can all be restored. The experts have the knowledge and equipment to stabilize foundations, structural damage and clean up crawl spaces. Generators can be brought in to run electrical equipment such as heaters and sump pumps.

The restoration experts will have many different techniques that they use to locate and remove any moisture in the home. With infrared cameras, they can see where water has seeped into corners and cracks and be able to dry the water up. Pumps that are gas-powered and submersible pumps are used so that a continuous draining of the water is done. Large suction vacuums that are mounted on trucks and powerful portable vacuums are used to extract all the water. Industrial sized fans will create and airflow across the carpets, fads, furniture and walls.

As a final precaution, all the floors, walls, ceilings, ductwork and furniture will be disinfected and deodorized, so no mold or mildew can grow back. Your home will smell fresh and the air will be healthy for breathing.