Emergency Flooded Basement Mitigation Services

If you have recently discovered water in your basement, time is of the essence! It is important to call a team of professionals, such as the Restoration Pros, to come to your location and provide you with a solution to your flood issue! Here at the Restoration Pros, we can be out to the scene of the flood within sixty minutes of your call to our emergency response center. A flooded basement can be devastating to home and business owners alike and we understand just how serious this issue can be. That is why we provide 24 hour emergency services to our customers. A flood can be caused by plenty of different reasons such as a broken or faulty plumbing system, adverse weather or even burst pipes. No matter the cause, the Restoration Pros can take care of your flooded basement and provide you with a hassle free solution in no time at all.

When there is standing water present on your property it can be part of three different categories which are category I (clear water), category II (grey water), and category III (black water). Our expertly trained technicians can quickly determine which category of water is present in your basement and then set up a specialized mitigation plan according to industry safety guidelines and protocol. If there is standing black water on your property, it is vital that you call a team of professionals immediately. More than likely this water contains contaminants that can be hazardous to your health as well as the occupants of your property. A flooded basement can easily escalate to cause secondary damages if it is not dealt with quickly and effectively. To minimize the chance of further damages being sustained you should immediately call the Restoration Pros after concluding that you have undergone water damage to your basement.

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Mold may also be a factor after your basement has sustained water damage. This fungus can begin to grow within the first 48 hours of the initial flood damage, and this issue should not be taken lightly. By calling in a timely manner you are minimizing the chance of further damages such as dry rot, mold, and personal content damages. The Restoration Pros provides is full service restoration firm with over 20 years of experience in the field of flooded basement mitigation. We employ the industry’s most innovative equipment to quickly remove the water from your property and begin the dry out process. Call us today for any of your flooded basement or mold remediation needs.

We Provide Services for the Following States:

Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin