History Could Be A Problem For Those With Previous Hurricane Damage

Places Damaged by the Hurricane in the Past That Still Remain Vulnerable

It is the hurricane season and the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) forecasts an active hurricane season this year, with 18 named tropical storms, including three major hurricanes. Remembering last year’s devastating hurricane season, many US residents, particularly those living along the coast are now concerned for their safety and are bracing themselves for the possibility that a hurricane will hit their city or town. Superstorm Sandy, one of the most destructive storms in history, has increased awareness among many, especially in places damaged by the hurricane the previous year.

However, caution should not just be exercised in places where hurricanes are frequent. As evidenced by Hurricane Irene in the year 2011, any town or state must be prepared for the possibility that their community will be hit by a hurricane.

To increase awareness, Weather.com and the Weather Channel have prepared a list of the top cities and towns that are most vulnerable to hurricanes. The list is based on statistics of all major cities on and near the coast. Several factors were examined, including the population, evacuation time and how long it has been since the area has been hit by a hurricane.
Top Places that are Vulnerable to Hurricanes:

1. Tampa, Florida
Although Tampa is not one of the places damaged by the hurricane Sandy last year, last year’s Hurricane Isaac gave it quite a scare. The last time Tampa was hit by a major hurricane was in 1921, and since then, the Tampa Bay areas’ population greatly increased. Tampa also includes the cities St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Sarasota. When combined, the Tampa metropolitan area will have a population of approximately 4,000,000. Should a hurricane hit the area, it will mean that many people will have to be evacuated.

2. Naples, Florida
Hurricane Donna in 1960 was the last major hurricane that hit Naples. In the US hurricane history, Hurricane Donna has the record for retaining the major hurricane status in the Atlantic area for the longest period of time. While not a major hurricane, Hurricane Wilma caused significant damage in Naples in 2005, damaging the Naples Airport, many high-rise buildings and homes in the area.

3. Jacksonville, Florida
Although the last strong hurricane that hit Jacksonville was in 1964 with Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida in terms of population. It is also the largest city in the contiguous US in terms of area. Therefore, should a major hurricane hit the area, evacuation will be more difficult. It is also vulnerable to river flooding and storm surge considering that some parts of the city have very low elevation.

4. Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu may not have been hit by major hurricanes based on recent recorded history but other parts of Hawaii have had its share of hurricane damages. The most powerful hurricane in the history of Hawaii was Hurricane Iniki in the year 1992.

What to Do to Prepare for the Hurricane Season

See the full list and find out if your area is one of the places often hit during hurricane seasons in the past that the Weather Channel still considers vulnerable to hurricanes. Regardless of whether your location has made it to the list or not, evacuation plans still need to be prepared in case a huge storm comes. Also, there are apps you can download to keep you updated on the latest weather forecasts.

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