Metro Detroit Flooding – Massive Cleanup Underway

Massive flooding took place across the Metro Detroit area this week that flooded scores of basements, closed down freeways and swamped thousands of vehicles. The heaviest rainfall since 1925 engulfed the area Monday and triggered flash flooding that most Detroiter’s have never seen before. All of Detroit’s major freeways were flooded with several feet of water Monday, forcing their closure. Many afternoon commuters found themselves stuck in flood water Monday which resulted in many of them requiring rescue.

Thousands of metro Detroiters spent Tuesday grappling with the aftermath of the historic downpour that swamped basements and roadways. Wayne County declared a state of emergency for its 43 communities and asked Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder to do the same. The city of Warren was especially hard-hit from the flooding. That community has police, fire, sanitation, public works and waste treatment personnel working overtime to help deal with the massive destruction that took place there.

The destruction left behind by the flooding was widespread across metropolitan Detroit as dive teams searched submerged vehicles, roads remained closed and homeowners were deciding what belonging to throw away. Homeowners have been busy removing furniture and other household items from their flooded basements all across the metro Detroit area. They’ve been piling debris onto curbs for trash collection while trying to decide if they should tackle their flood cleanup themselves or call flood restoration firms for help.

Insurance agents reported a large influx of calls Tuesday and Wednesday from homeowners wondering if they have coverage for the flood damage they sustained. Many found out that their policies did not cover flooding, causing much worry about how they’re going to clean up and dry out their homes.

Many business owners across the area were deciding whether or not they’ll be able to re-open their doors anytime soon after their premises were swamped with dirty floodwater. For far too many of these people, they will not be able to resume business for several days and even weeks as water must be pumped out, premises scrubbed and sanitized and inventory re-stocked. Many companies, bars and restaurants affected by the flooding are seeking help from Detroit flood cleanup services as they find the cleanup chores just too big to undertake on their own

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