More Missouri Communities Facing Flooding

The National Weather Service was receiving many reports of more towns in south-central Missouri that are getting heavy rain which will very likely cause serious flooding. The community of Dixon has widespread flooding in and around the town as water from the nearby river is entering homes and the majority of the town’s streets, making them impassible. Early Tuesday morning, the city of Newburg told residents living along one street to evacuate their homes. Already one of the city’s bridges has washed away and several businesses have been flooded due to rushing floodwaters.

There are flash flood emergencies all across south-central Missouri as heavy rainfall over the area is worsening already dangerous conditions. There are flooding emergencies taking place in numerous counties according to the National Weather Service. The NWS issued a flash flood emergency for Pulaski County and for parts of Texas County through noontime on Tuesday, calling conditions there “very serious”. In Waynesville, about two dozen homes experienced flooding and more were being evacuated in the downtown area. There were water rescues taking place there before dawn Wednesday. One rescue boat with several rescuers on-board tipped over and dumped the crew into the fast moving water.

Most of south-central Missouri experienced heavy downpourings of rain overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning. The rain came down at a rate of two inches per hour in some areas. The bad news is that more rain is going to fall over the Show Me State this week which will inevitably cause more rivers and creeks to overflow their banks. The greater portion of southern Missouri is now under flood watches and warnings and more warnings will likely be issued as the rain keeps continues to come down.

Just before 8 am Tuesday, the National Weather Service said that five to ten inches of rain fell across south-central Missouri Tuesday night. It also reported that a flash flood emergency was in effect for Phelps, Maries and Miller counties and that several water rescues were taking place as were evacuations.

Sadly, the sudden flooding that overtook Waynesville claimed the life of a 4-year old boy when the vehicle he was in was swept away in fast moving floodwaters. On Wednesday, rescue teams were still searching for the boy’s mother who they believe was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

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