Parts of Midwest to Get Severe Weather

There’s a new threat of severe thunderstorms for areas of the Midwest that stretches from the Twin Cities in Minnesota down through Cleveland, Ohio as cooler weather is pushing into the region from the north. That cold front is colliding with warm, tropical weather to the south which is just the right conditions for severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail, flash flooding and isolated tornadoes.

The steamy weather that’s hanging over cities like Minneapolis, Chicago and Milwaukee is being forecast to cause some real trouble. The National Weather Service said early Tuesday that scattered thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rainfall in the morning for many areas before re-forming again later during the day across the region. Highs will soar to between 87 and 91 degrees which will make things really uncomfortable. Once this threat of severe weather passes, there could me more on its heels as showers and thunderstorms are expected again mid-week for much of that part of the country.

The nation’s Storm Prediction Center said Tuesday morning that as the cold front pushes into the state of Wisconsin this afternoon, it’s sure to trigger some significant rains and thunderstorms which could last through the evening. It also reported that some of these storms may be severe with strong winds and large hail being the main threat. It also said that residents of Wisconsin should be prepared for very heavy rainfall from these thunderstorms.

People in the upper Midwest are being told to keep their ears open for weather-related alerts today through Wednesday as flash flood warnings could be issued as could severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches and warnings. It has already poured rain this morning in Wisconsin as Green Bay got over an inch and Oshkosh got nearly 1 ½ inches of rainfall.

Residents of the Indianapolis area also are being told to keep an eye on the sky due to the bad weather that’s coming their way. The northern third of Indiana is under the highest risk for severe weather over the next couple of days. Some of the storms there could be severe as they may contain very heavy rains with some hail mixed in. High winds are also possible as is the chance for damaging hail and an isolated tornado or two.

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