Potential Storm System In The Atlantic Are Your Ready For Hurricane Season

The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory for the Caribbeans for Tropical Storm Dorian that’s picking up strength and speed as it’s moving across the Atlantic Ocean. The storm had wind speeds of about 55 miles per hour Thursday and those winds are expected to increase to over 60 miles per hour by early Friday..Leeward Islands which are located east of Puerto Rico, may see tropical storm conditions including high winds and rainfall this weekend.

Tropical Storm Dorian is being forecast to pick up more strength over the weekend as it moves out of the Atlantic and into the warmer waters of the Caribbean Sea. The system is expected to close in on the northeastern coastline of Puerto Rico by Sunday afternoon wherein it may have wind speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. The tropical storm won’t be upgraded to a hurricane until it maintains wind speeds in excess of 74 miles per hour.

This new tropical storm should serve as a wake-up call for home and business owners in the United States that are located in hurricane-prone areas to get their disaster plans in place. A full quarter of all businesses in the US don’t re-open following a major disaster such as a hurricane so it’s especially important for businesses to be properly prepared.

What a business owner should do is to make sure they’re ready to meet whatever challenges a hurricane may bring. It’s important to devise an alternate strategy to communicate with workers and customers in case power is out. Many businesses do not consider what would happen if the internet connection is lost during a hurricane. A solution to this would be to develop a plan that establishes a satellite connection to the world wide web which is a solution that is quite literally “in the clouds”.

Now that the Atlantic hurricane season is upon us, it’s just a matter of time before a major storm impacts the United States. If you are a business owner and you’re not properly prepared to deal with a hurricane, the results can be costly. It’s highly advisable for business owners to make a disaster plan which includes coming up with a recovery location to use which would be an alternate site for business operations. When choosing a site to use, be sure the location is equipped with special supplies that will be needed to carry on the business. Now is also the time to review your insurance coverage by contacting your agent to find out if your insurance is adequate for your needs. It’s recommended to know the value of your property and business and to look into getting flood insurance as most property insurance policies don’t cover flooding.

Homeowners up and down the eastern seaboard of the US should also review their insurance policies to make sure they’re covered for flood damage. It’s also very important that family members know where to meet if an evacuation order is issued. Now that the hurricane season is here, homeowners along the eastern coastline of the US should take the time to hurricane-proof their homes by doing things like fixing loose shingles on roofs, cutting trees and branches away from one’s home and making sure that gutters and downspouts are cleared and in good, sturdy condition.

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