Severe Weather In The Forecast for Northern Plains

Today, severe weather is expected to threaten parts of the Northern Plains. Additionally, thunderstorm will fire up in a separate zone across much of the Deep South, and through the Mid-Atlantic which will also be a severe threat. This severe weather system has already turned deadly in Virginia, where a tornado had ripped through a campground on Thursday Morning.

In the Northern Plains, a rippled of energy that was present in the upper atmosphere, meshed with a very unstable air mass, may lead to a very strong round of severe weather in parts of North Dakota and Montana late this afternoon into the evening hours on Thursday. Damaging winds, heavy rain, and large hail will be the main threats with this system.

As for the Mid-Atlantic, a cold front that is separating cool, dry air over the Ohio Valley from the muggy air present in the Southeast will trigger some strong to severe thunderstorms over the Mid-Atlantic on Thursday. Damaging winds, as well as torrential downpours are the main threats, but another tornado cannot be ruled out just yet.

On Friday, a few strong storms may be present in parts of the Central Plains and the Upper Midwest, stretching in a zone that extends from Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and some exclusive parts of the neighboring states. There is a larger threat for Saturday in these areas. One or more squall lines may possibly develop, and the primary risk with these will be damaging straight line winds. Flash flooding may also be a concern in the same area.

During severe weather, it is important that you have a strategy in place in case of a power outage or some other issue. Remember to stay indoors if you can during severe weather, and make sure to have an emergency kit already pre-packaged so that you aren’t rummaging through your things without power. Things such as blankets, non perishable goods, bottled water, and a battery operated radio are good items to pack, as well as a first aid kit in case anybody were to get hurt. If you need more updates on the system in your area, check the Weather Channel or your local weather authority!

If you have sustained damages due to the elements such as flood or storm damage, make sure to hire a reputable contractor that can help you with the repairs and restoration process.

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