Southern & Central Plains Slammed with Heavy Rain & Tornadoes

Tornadoes ripped through the Southern and Central Plains on Wednesday, leaving devastation in their wake. The conditions have even gotten so bad in Oklahoma that highways were shut down and flights were delayed as debris flew through the air.

Separate tornadoes hit central Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska according to the National Weather Service. Tornado warnings were also issued for Clay County, Bluegrove, and Buffalo Springs Texas as well. There were many tornadoes in, as well as around, Oklahoma city on Wednesday night, making evacuation mandatory at the Will Rogers airport. Also, high water was reported near the airport according to Oklahoma City government. The main threat with this system was the rain as it continued to pour.

Officials in Oklahoma City also issued a tweet on Wednesday night, saying that they were having a flash flood emergency. This is the first ever flash flood emergency for Oklahoma City, and it was both deadly as well as dangerous.

Many flooding reports came in from municipal buildings, including the downtown government buildings and the police headquarters. Also, the National Weather Service declared a tornado emergency in Moore, Oklahoma, where just two years ago a twister ripped through the area and 24 people died. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Bridge Creek and Newcastle also were under a tornado emergency, and this system could lead to death and widespread destruction. There were many reports of tornadoes in Nebraska as well. About 10-15 homes in Roseland were reported to have been hit; and in Harvey County, a barn was completely destroyed according to the National Weather Service.

Also, at least nine tornadoes were reported in Kansas, and the strongest of the nine occurred in the barely populated part of the state. This includes a large tornado that hit near the small town of Republic, just south of the Nebraska state line, where a couple of homes have been damaged.

A large area of the Plains continued to be under a tornado watch for the remainder of the night, and there is still more time for new systems to form. This is the second day in a row that severe weather has plagued the Central U.S, as there were several reports of tornadoes in Texas on Tuesday.

As for flooding, authorities issued flash flood warnings for Thursday morning in Southeastern Nebraska as well as Oklahoma. They aren’t scheduled to last for the whole day, but some of them will remain in effect into the weekend.

In Nebraska, the Big Blue River, East Cache Creek, and Deep Red Creek are all expected to pass the flood stage later in the day on Thursday. Turkey Creek, which is near Wilber, was already more than five feet above the flood stage around 2:45 A.M on Thursday and is still predicted to rise higher.

Oklahoma is experiencing similar issues. The North Canadian River was about three feet above flood stage around midnight last night, and is predicted to rise two more feet before cresting. Texas and Louisiana also had some flooding mishaps, including the Neches River and Mississippi river.

Stay tuned to your local weather authority or The Weather Channel for updates in your area.