Todays Prevention Helps Prevent Future Flooding Disasters

There are many areas in the US where flooding can be a huge problem. Flooding can completely destroy your home, and if you live in one of those areas and are affected by flooding, you might wish that the flood did completely destroy your home because the damage it leaves behind, even though it can be repaired is psychologically traumatic and physically and mentally exhausting to deal with.

Psychologically, seeing all of your family heirlooms and belongings seemingly destroyed can be devastating because you know things like your great grandmother’s handmade lace tablecloth or her wedding photos can’t be replaced.

Physically and mentally, dealing with the insurance company and sorting through all of your items is simply exhausting. Wondering what can be salvaged, what is lost for good, what the insurance company will say has no value but was priceless to you (like your great grandmother’s wedding photos) drains all of your energy.

But all isn’t as bad as it seems. Believe it or not many of those precious family heirlooms (even those photographs) can be restored. The Restoration Pros have been helping flood victims for years and they have all kinds of equipment specifically designed to restore those things that are irreplaceable. Even things like furniture and electronics may not be completely destroyed. Sometimes things simply can’t be fixed but the people at ABC work as hard as they can to restore as much of your priceless family heirlooms and possessions as possible.

Making sure that the structure of your home is still stable is another issue. Water damage can cause havoc to floors, walls, electrical and the basic structure of your home. One of the first concerns is drying everything out as quickly, efficiently and completely as possible to prevent the growth of mold which comes with its own set of problems.

Once sheet rock has been underwater for any length of time, it simply must be replaced. But even though this can seem like a huge pain in the neck, it really is a blessing in disguise. Once that sheet rock has been removed, your contractor can see the main structure of your house, the beams that keep it from falling down, along with all the wiring and plumbing and everything else that makes your house run that the homeowner doesn’t see. If the wood of the structure has gotten too wet, not only is there a risk of mold growth, which would eventually destroy those beams completely, but if the flood damaged the wiring or plumbing, your contractor will be able to see it and fix it before putting the sheetrock back up to bring your home back to its original appearance.

Serious flood damage is not something a homeowner should try to repair themselves, unless they are in the construction business and have an idea of what they are doing. So if your home suffers from serious flood damage, call a professional who cares about you and your home like ABC Company. They are there to help make your house your home again.

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