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Emergency flood damage cleanup and restoration services by our team in Waterloo. 24/7 Disaster Cleanup and Restoration Services for any type of flood damage disaster in the greater Waterloo area. Count on the restoration pros to get you quickly cleaned up and dried out following a disaster caused by broken pipes, sewer backups, sump pump failures, storm damage in commercial or residential properties. We cleanup quickly!

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Professional Repair Services For Flooding In Properties in The Waterloo Area

Untreated water damage can cause loss of personal property or damage to a building’s structure. To prevent permanent damage to a building, the owners should contact a team of restoration pros to perform building ventilation, ceiling, floor, and wall cleaning to avoid future, damage, repairs, and loss of money.

Emergency Mitigation – Flooding and Storm Restoration services in Waterloo Iowa

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Classes of Water Damage

Small areas in a home affected by water that results in a little wet carpeting is considered to be Stage 1 damage. The damage is minimal as water will dry quickly and leave no lasting effects.

The flooding of a basement or other space in a home that results in whicking of no more than 24 inches is considered to be Stage 2 damage. Water can typically be removed easily with a shop vac or by using absorbent materials.

Water that has backed up into a home from a blocked drain or sewer is considered class 3 damage. The flooding from ceiling damage is included in this category. This type of water damage can cause a floor to have an inch or more of water. Standing water from the backup of a drain or sewer will require the help of a professional repair services company.

Standing water in a home can result in damage to furniture and other items. This includes areas rugs or other personal belongings. All personal items need to be removed from the basement or other rooms in the home to prevent further damage. Make sure to check under beds, couches, and in closets. If shelves are available, then make sure to use them for smaller items.

Homeowners need to call professional repair services before attempting any cleanup (hint, that us). Vacuuming using a shop vac is an option, but standing water makes electrical connections dangerous. The first thing that homeowners need to do is to remove anything that is wood. This includes coffee tables and other types of furniture that can absorb water. Any furniture with a metal base should also be removed as this will stain carpeting.

Items on wooden shelving units should be removed as water saturation can make them unstable. Books and china should be removed and put somewhere else for safe keeping. Check the room again and then wait for the repair services company to arrive.

The Cleanup Process

The first step of any repair process is to identify the source of the leak. This allows specialists to begin any needed repairs. If the damage was caused by the backup of a drain or sewer pipe, then a plumber will be needed to fix any broken, damaged, or clogged pipes.

Water in a basement or other areas of a home is extracted by using specialized equipment that is like a consumer shop vac. The repair services company will then determine the severity of the damage and if any items are able to be salvaged.

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Our local Waterloo restoration pros are specialist at identifying the type and extent of water damage. They know the main issues residents experience during water damage restoration and repair and will quickly and effectively remedy the problems.